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Sbc Global Customer Support


Email services have secured a significant place in today’s mode of communication. The network and communication technology has been evolving to enhance the conventional mode of communication. Email not only provide an effective communication platform but it also lets users share data and information in a snappier timeframe. SBC Global email service lets users seamlessly connect with other people irrespective of their location or demographic. This is something that no other mode of communication has attain that fleet yet.

Despite the simple and straightforward features, users often confused themselves while handling their email account. Technical issues are something which remains stagnant with the email account since its existence. It’s bonding with the email account is predominant and they require to be handled by the experts. Typical technical issues linked with the SbcGlobal email account

  • Issues in receiving the mail
  • Sending mail issues.
  • Sign-up or Sign-in error.
  • Issues in changing the password.
  • Server or network problem
  • A problem in composing the mail or attaching a file.
  • Email id blocked from the server side without any prior information.
  • Fatal error on the sign in page.


The user can try the following standard troubleshooting process in case if they are facing the above issues except the last two.

  • Close down all the active program and reopen your mail after few minutes.
  • If this doesn’t work, clear the temporary file from your mail browser.
  • Reset the web setting of your current browser.
  • Scan your system with legitimate antivirus.

Sbc global Customer Support Services is always ready to counter these threats at any point in time. Unfortunately, most of the users are aware of our services and they often close down their mail account in the absence of reliable email support partner.

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